HGBCLife Groups are small groups for ages 18 and up that focus on 6 attributes of Discipleship.

  • Fellowship

  • Prayer

  • Accountability

  • Bible Study

  • Service 

  • Multiplication

We have HGBCLife Groups that meet Sunday through Wednesday, at our facilities and in homes. While we try to make HGBCLife Groups multi-generational, we do have some that are more age specific. For more information or to join a HGBCLife Group, contact us below.

Why HGBCLife Groups?
Because We Need Community And The Community Needs Us!

We were never meant to live life on our own. When God created Adam, He saw that Adam had a need that nothing else He had created could meet. He needed community with others. Fast forward to today and we still need community. Being a part of our Sunday Morning Gatherings is great but even there, it is possible to be surrounded by a crowd and still feel all alone. HGBCLife Groups are not only our main form of Discipleship but they are also the best way to engage with others. You NEED others and others NEED You!

Our HGBCLife Groups are designed to help you Engage with the Faith Family, God, His Word, and our community. Through Fellowship, Prayer, Accountability, Study, Outreach and Multiplication, it is our desire to help you on your path of becoming and being a Disciple of Jesus.

Currently, we offer HGBCLife Groups Sunday through Wednesday with in-person and online options. For more information or to join a HGBCLife Groups, fill out the contact form below.

Get Plugged into a HGBCLife Group

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