Music Ministry


The primary purpose and commitment of the Harmony in Praise Church Choir is to magnify the Lord and serve the church through worship each Sunday at 11:00 am.

It is our desire to have an increasingly positive impact on the vital work of HGBC. It is our prayer to engage Gods people and cause us to acknowledge His holiness. He is worthy! “To God be the Glory.”

Worship is a practical, attainable, not just musical part of our everyday life. “Worship that will change you and I”.
Praise is the vehicle to God. Worship is what we do when we get there!

Choir: How do I become part of the choir? Understand completely the following expectations!

First: Committed to Prayer & Devotional Living, Love the Lord & Love to Sing

Second: There is a vast difference between being interested and being committed.

Interested = is doing something only when it is convenient.

Committed = to entrust our desires and intentions to God, surrendering all outcomes to Him.

Those wanting to become part of this ministry are asked to be faithful in every aspect of worship (attendance,  giving & their daily lives).

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