Mission Statement: “Extending  God’s Love by Serving Others through Food, Hospitality, and Fellowship”

Purpose: As they are fed by the Word, the Meal’s Ministry members strive to serve God’s people and others. The Meal’s Ministry provides service of food for the Spirit, Body and Heart.

Who can sign up for this ministry?

Anyone who as a need as listed below:

  • Serious illness or surgical recovery- up to 3 meals

  • New Birth/Adoption- up to 3 meals

  • Family Death-Dinner following funeral/memorial service for immediate family members. (Active Harmony Grove Baptist Church Members)

Who should I contact?

Contact the church office via email: admin@hgbclife.com

What information will be needed?

  • The name and address of the person(s) the meals are for

  • What days would be most convenient for delivery?

  • Is there a preferred time for the meals to be delivered? ( We will accommodate when possible)

  • Are there any specific nutritional needs? (Diabetic, gluten free, food allergies and any specifics for breastfeeding mother)

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